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3 Reasons to Consider Joining a Study for Men’s Health Month

June kicks off a critical time for men during Men’s Health Month. This initiative serves as a platform to increase awareness of health conditions prevalent in men and what steps to take for early intervention and prevention. Clinical research plays a vital role in advancing care options for these conditions. While there are many ways you can prioritize your health this month, being a clinical research volunteer is a great place to start. Here are 3 reasons why you may want to consider joining a study for Men’s Health Month.

Clinical trials

Reason #1: The Legacy of Healthier Future Generations

When a potential new treatment is discovered, it must go through the phases of a clinical trial to determine if it’s safe and effective enough to be put on the market. Clinical trials partner with volunteers to make this happen. Though many treatments never make it to the public, the ones that do improve the lives and futures of those affected by a chronic medical condition. By participating in research, you help advance medicine and thus leave a legacy of healthier future generations.

Help advance medicine through research

Reason #2: Learning More About Your Condition

When it comes to research, there are commitments that come with participating. However, there’s also a lot you can get back too, health-wise. Often, the research staff has extra training on the medical condition the study is about. This means that you can learn more about your condition, which ultimately helps you manage it better. Study volunteers are also seen more frequently and receive more thorough care than traditional healthcare systems.

Reason #3: Cutting Edge Treatments and Reimbursement

Finding the right treatment plan can be tricky when managing chronic conditions. How many medical conditions lack disease-specific therapies would shock you, with treatments focusing on managing symptoms as much as possible. Where some lack treatments, others need additional options for the varying health histories of patients. Volunteering in a study is a great way to gain potential access to new therapies that may be similar to or better than what’s on the market already.

Nowadays, most studies offer reimbursement for time and travel during your study participation. Even though the amount varies by study, a little extra cash is always nice.

It's Men's Health Month

Are you interested in learning more about participating in a study? Our team here at Clinical Pharmacology of Miami is ready to answer any questions. We have several study opportunities for you to get involved with, from those for healthy volunteers to studies for kidney impairment, liver disease, and more! Contact us today at (305) 817-2900 or explore a list of current and future studies on our website.